En La Habana, dejar en manos de los ángeles…

“Leave it to the angels”, our guest professor, Luis Trelles said with a chuckle. We were discussing the complicated dynamic between father and daughter, while examining the Palacio de Aldama in Central Havana, where two houses exist on one palatial site, allowing the patriarch, Domingo Aldama to spoil and/or monitor his daughter.

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Metropolitan dwellers

Em in Morningside Heights

Trading dollars for feathers and coffee on a tab fit for NYC.

photo (6)Our sun has set on Morningside Heights, and we’ll report back with more snaps from Brooklyn, our home for the next two months. Send insoles and moleskin please! (not really Grandma Sue)

The Year That Was

Well, our first year at the Notre Dame School of Architecture has come to an end, and what a challenge it has been. Luckily for my girls and I, it’s in the books, and New York City, Havana, and Rome await with the prospects of more adventure. Thanks to the School and its faculty for taking us in, my fellow graduate students for setting an ambitious pace, and our family and friends for your love and patience.

Thanks to our Australian Shepherd, Howie, for being one hell of a trooper, my beautiful wife, Mary for the selfless and unwavering support, and our amazing daughter, Emaline for being in our lives.

“Make no little plans. They have no magic to stir men’s blood.”

-Daniel H. Burnham, Architect and City Planner

Nature and Soul in America: Understanding the Roles of Style and Ornamentation in Louis Sullivan’s Design Philosophy (Essay)

American Architect Louis Sullivan (1856 – 1924) was a revolutionary force in design during the late 19th-century; a period of significant economic growth and architectural activity in America. His compositions are immediately recognizable, known for their capitalist grandeur and vast spectrum of detail, ranging from macro concerns such as size, material, and proportion to the minute, including intricate foliage and tracery motifs.

As a polymath of the industrial age, Sullivan earnestly studied topics concerning the built environment at large, the American zeitgeist, and the role of nature in American design practice. In keeping with professional tradition, he contributed essays and poetry as thoughtful commentary on the work of the age, including his own. In two of these essays, Sullivan’s beliefs pertaining to Style and Ornamentation are revealed.

Sullivan’s essays, Style (1888) and Ornament in Architecture (1892) will be summarized and dissected in order to distill the keys to his arguments, which will then be identified in important building examples, clarifying the impact of his written and constructed essays.

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Marshall, Michigan

What a difference a day makes when it comes to Michigan weather. Today’s highway stop for a diaper change quickly escalated into a lengthy architectural detour. The fresh snowfall and crisp winter sun had me in a trance – inching along with my hazard lights on and DSLR held out in the cold, clicking away.

Marshall speaks for itself.

Kosciuszko Foundation scholarship application letter

Below is another recent scholarship application letter. In this case, the scholarship is awarded to students of Polish descent.

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