La S V B V R A

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Spring in Bruges

We had a truly spectacular week in Bruges, where I enjoyed some frog legs, Stella, and a bit of life-changing masonry.

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Detroit (Essay excerpt)

In 1805, Detroit’s progress was nearly nullified in a city-wide fire. The loss of property quickly spurred a rebuilding campaign that included a plan for the city by Justice Augustus B. Woodward, a friend of Thomas Jefferson deployed to the region to serve as a judge.

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Father’s Day

By Nicholas Edmund Rolinski, June ’15

My Grandfather, Dr. Edmund Rolinski passed away before I was born. I’ve only heard a few stories about him, and seen just two pictures. With my parents in town this weekend for a baby visit, we decided to search for his childhood home in Brooklyn.

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Metropolitan dwellers

Em in Morningside Heights

Trading dollars for feathers and coffee on a tab fit for NYC.

photo (6)Our sun has set on Morningside Heights, and we’ll report back with more snaps from Brooklyn, our home for the next two months. Send insoles and moleskin please! (not really Grandma Sue)