A few weeks ago a fellow architecture student asked how I manage this journey with a family in tow. “I have a really cool wife. She makes this all possible.” I sheepishly explained. There was a tone of humility and surrender in my voice, because the truth is that while my ego would have me believe I’m ‘going places’, or ‘spending my late 20’s wisely’, my wife is the one doing ALL the real work. My answer was woefully inadequate, but dead accurate.

My girls fly home today. As I watched them disappear into the security line at LaGuardia, I was overcome with a sense of gratitude for her support and courage over the past two years of this Master’s program (and with another year left to go). She’s lived out of suitcases in strange cities, traveling incredibly light, schlepped strollers and groceries onto trains and up stairs, and spends every day putting her family first – always at the expense of her career and never missing a beat as a mom.

I love you babe and can’t wait to see you in three short weeks! Enjoy the downtime and know that this accomplishment is real and yours.



Spring 2016 Urban Design Studio Project by Matt McCourt, Elizabeth Slaski, Alexander Sanderson, Jennifer Moutsatson, Nick Rolinski / Professors Leon Krier & Ettore Maria Mazzola / University of Notre Dame School of Architecture


Spring in Bruges

We had a truly spectacular week in Bruges, where I enjoyed some frog legs, Stella, and a bit of life-changing masonry.

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Fixing fake: Windows

The two-story Georgian Revival was a staple of post-war development in America, and can be found on corner lots in cities and suburbs everywhere.


A loss of Classical proportions prompts the need for creative blending of the upper window casements and entablature, which, if successful, allows for a more credible tectonic claim.


Detroit (Essay excerpt)

In 1805, Detroit’s progress was nearly nullified in a city-wide fire. The loss of property quickly spurred a rebuilding campaign that included a plan for the city by Justice Augustus B. Woodward, a friend of Thomas Jefferson deployed to the region to serve as a judge.

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